We have CLEAR & Virgin Modems in stock!

CLEAR NO LONGER accepts New accounts (after April 1st)

Existing accounts will continue to be supported!

CLEAR Rochester mobile 4G Service !

Cash, Debit or Credit Card!
  • NO Annual Contract
  • Unlimited Data
  • NO Activation or Cancellation Fees
  • CASH payments for modem
  • CASH payments for service

How can I get CLEAR?

  • Stop by our store at 439 Monroe--
  • Dealer verifies your service location is within CLEAR service areas
  • Purchase the modem that best works for you
  • Dealer/Customer activates modem through CLEAR portal (requires Credit or Debit card)
  • Set up equipment at home or business using self installation
  • Start serfing the internet!

So why is CLEAR Rochester better?

  • We offer a unique plug and play technology so that you can be set up in no time!
  • Our high speed internet service is available to you anywhere in the Rochester, New York area and over 80 other locations around the US. Just take it with you wherever you go in the coverage area.
  • Why wait for slow downloads? CLEAR offers speeds up to 25 times faster than dial up Internet Access!
  • We are reliable. Our wireless Internet service will be there when you need it most.
  • CLEAR offers high speed Internet at low rates.
  • We offer easy online account management.
  • CLEAR Desktop units are designed to be always on in your home
  • CLEAR "ON THE GO" mobile service alow you to connect anywhere in the CLEAR 4G service areas across the USA.

CLEAR announces rollout of higher speeds with LTE!